This device solves the frustration you face with multiple video and audio types playing them all

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KMPlayer is a piece of software that plays video and audio files through a Windows system. It can play a wide array of audio and video file formats, and it doesn't take up much space on your system. The software also doesn't use many system resources, so it's great for playing in the background while you perform other tasks.

This software provides fast and intuitive audio and video playback through a user interface that features a sleek, minimalist design. When the app is open, it has a small footprint on the desktop, and unlike other media players, it requires only minimal system resources to use.

One nice feature of the user interface is that it can be customized with personal skins, so you can find something that matches the theme of your PC and your personality. You can take advantage of a number of interesting visual details, like a slight shift in the player's color when a new track begins. You can also build a library of your own music and import missing artwork for those albums from the web automatically.

If you're the type of person who wants to personalize their software as much as possible, KMPlayer gives you that freedom. It comes with a number of preloaded playback options, visualization effects, and plug-ins. You can also add your own plug-ins for greater customization. Of course, the software requires you to activate many of the more advanced functions, which is nice since it means you won't see any annoying pop-ups associated with those options.

Some of the newest media formats involve 3D video footage, and KMPlayer fully supports those formats. You can also easily add full albums or individual songs with the import function.

The great thing about KMPlayer is that it acts as an all-in-one solution for your video and audio needs. It supports so many different formats that you will never require any other media playback software. If you happen to encounter a file format that it doesn't support natively, you can add support for additional formats thanks to the plug-in expandability.

There are also a number of advanced functions in KMPlayer. It comes with several built-in processing functions for applying filters, altering image properties, and sharpening the general picture. The app is also able to capture video footage from directly within itself.

KMPlayer is your answer if you need a powerful video and audio playback app that can be fully personalized for your uses. The range of files supported by KMPlayer includes MKV, AVS, FLV, WMV, ASF, AVI, and a whole host of others. It doesn't take any advanced knowledge to take advantage of the power of this app. If you're accustomed to any other benchmark media players, you'll have no trouble with this software. It has no obvious downsides beyond the fact that it has no standout features that make it unique.


  • Easy To Customize
  • Resource-Light
  • Multiple Format Support


  • No Apparent Negatives

KMPlayer is a free software that can be downloaded for Windows. It can play both audio and video files in a wide range of different formats. Its footprint with regards to how much room it takes up on the desktop is particularly small, which makes it easy to have open and playing when you are trying to do other work.


  • Supports Many Formats The first advantage that is associated with using the KMPLayer is that the player can support and play a wide range of different file formats. The formats that the player will support include AVI files, WMV files, FLV files, MKV files, ASF files and AMV files.
  • Easy to Use The second advantage is that the player is exceptionally easy to use. This aspect is important because it will allow everyone, even those who are not familiar with using video players, to have access to their favorite videos and audio files. Many different troubleshooting guides and step-by-step instructions are available that inform users about how to do anything that they want to do.
  • Able to be Customized Users can change the KMPlayer in several different ways so that it fully suits their needs. The first way is by changing the skin of the player. This will change how it looks to the person who is using it. The user will be able to change the skin at any time and download additional skins should the ones available in the standard package not be enough. The player has other features that will allow the player to change colors with each new audio track and show visualizations that will capture the mood of the audio file that is playing.
  • Does Not Require a Lot From the Computer The KMPLayer can be installed on practically any computer because it is a light software without a lot of specifications that would be required to run it. As a result, it is accessible to basically anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. It will not slow a computer down when installed because it will not take up that much room.
  • High Quality The audio and visual quality of the player is very high, allowing the user to enjoy a full, unhindered experience.
  • Loads of Features Numerous features are available, such as in-video video capture programs, filters, picture property changers, and a streaming function, that will make the player extremely enjoyable to use.


The main disadvantage associated with using the player is that available upgrades sometimes take the user awhile to get used to. This can cause people to become dissatisfied until they learn how to navigate the slightly changed controls. Otherwise, there is really no downside to installing the player. There is not even any risk because the player is 100 percent free to download, install and use.

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